Profession As a Forensic Chemist


A forensic chemist analyzes the evidences introduced in from the crime scene and makes a conclusion based mostly on the checks carried out on each bit of proof. The job entails the identification and characterization of the proof as part of a bigger strategy of engaged on the crime scene. Nonetheless, a forensic chemist hardly ever conducts investigative work; slightly, he handles the evidences gathered from the crime scene. The evidences might embody paint chips, hair samples, blood stains, and glass fragments.

A forensic chemist applies information from totally different disciplines together with chemistry, materials science, biology, and genetics to the examination and evaluation of the evidences discovered on the crime scene or from the our bodies of the victims and suspects. This discipline is a mixture of analytical toxicology and criminalistics. Analytical toxicology entails the discovering of evidences in physique fluids by means of using instrumental strategies similar to X-ray, infrared, UV, HPLC, fuel chromatography, and skinny layer chromatography whereas criminalistics entails the qualitative examination and evaluation of evidences utilizing strategies similar to spot testing and microscopy. Mass spectrometry is usually used because it supplies essentially the most dependable and strongest evidences in courtroom. Often, forensic chemists don’t know of the character of the samples earlier than they study and analyze it. The outcomes of the examination and evaluation are utilized in authorized investigations and courtroom trials. The forensic chemist is then referred to as upon to supply his skilled testimony and to elucidate his findings to the jury.

Academic Requirement:

A powerful background in instrumental evaluation and chemistry in addition to a strong basis in criminalistics is necessary. An undergraduate and graduate forensic science diploma is advisable. Those that are desirous about working with hint supplies similar to hair, glass, and paper ought to focus extra on instrumentation expertise and may take programs in soil chemistry, geology, and supplies science. Nonetheless, these desirous about working within the toxicological elements of this profession ought to examine biochemistry, physiology, and chemistry.

Forensic Chemist Salaries:

Forensic chemists with a bachelor’s diploma obtain an annual wage of $30,000. The typical wage is $50,000. Nonetheless, forensic chemists on the increased finish are paid $60,000 or extra per yr whereas these working with fingerprint evaluation are positioned on the decrease finish of the pay scale.


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